Francine Boucher is a French-Canadian artist who has spent much of her adult life living abroad in Switzerland, Norway and Florida. Never formally trained, Francine paints intuitively.

My art is experimental. Every time I pick up a blank canvas, I let my hands and soul lead me and surprise me with an outcome.

Francine has always shown numerous artistic skills. She started drawing and painting when she was very young and was always successful at selling her art privately. From 1984, however, she used her creative energy to develop a successful company as a facilitator, coach and educator, providing full-time services to private individuals, couples, schools and organizations for over 35 years. A few years ago, while continuing to manage her company, she returned to her art.

Although I paint intuitively, I enjoy using new techniques and experimenting with different materials. I love photography and often integrate it within my paintings as transfers, combined with layers of acrylic or watercolor.


A common thread running through Francine’s art is the theme of roots. It represents her numerous experiences living in several countries, and the sense it brings of belonging nowhere and everywhere. Her art reflects an inner quest to understand the meaning of roots in a life split between cultures and how a sense of universal belonging is created.

Feathers are also a recurring theme in my art, symbolizing the search for lightness of being and identity. The canvas is the fabric upon which I weave together my love of nature, the meaning of roots together with the unexplainable spiritual affiliation I have always felt to the Native American culture.


Francine Boucher sells paintings privately and in shows. She also sells prints of certain paintings that are privately owned. Contact Francine directly with sales inquiries.