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I am Canadian with aboriginal heritage.
I currently share my time between Norway and South West Florida.
I have an art studio in both places.
I presently work as a facilitator /educator and artist



A common thread in my art is the theme of roots. This represents my numerous moves and my experience of living in several countries, of belonging nowhere and everywhere.

My art reflects an inner quest to understand the meaning of roots in a life split between cultures and how a sense of universal belonging is created. Feathers are also a recurring theme in my art, symbolizing the memories and search for lightness of being and identity.

I paint intuitively. My art is experimental and I enjoy learning new techniques and using new materials. I love photography and often use photos I have taken in nature, integrate them in my paintings as transfers along with other preferred elements, combined with layers of acrylic or watercolor.

The canvas is the fabric upon which I weave together my love of nature, the meaning of roots together with the natural connection I have always felt to the Native Americans and their culture.